Rebecca Sian Furniss

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever made something for someone else? Do they wear it, even when you're not around them?

No I have not made anything for anyone else yet. I would like to but I need to be more confident in garment construction first!

Anonymous asked: Do you prefer to knit by hand or by using a machine?

I have not yet used a knitting machine.  I have one but I haven’t learnt to use it yet.  As I can only knit very basic things at the minute I think I will eventually prefer to use a machine for more detail and less sore hands!

Anonymous asked: If money wasn't a problem, which store would you most likely buy your clothes from?

That’s quite a hard question actually as I am one of these people that wouldn’t buy clothes from just one place. I like to buy clothes from various stores so I can style my outfit myself.  I like the coats from Mulberry as they have a nice shape and texture to them, they also have that timeless feel to them. I like clothes that I can revisit over again and updating them with new pieces.  So I guess if money was no object the Mulberry would be one stop for me and probably Chanel as I like a lot of their simpler pieces that are again, timeless.

Anonymous asked: Who is your favourite fashion designer?

I like the simplicity of Chanel as all the pieces seem to feel timeless and never go out of style.  I think everyone likes Alexander McQueen as he took risks and a lot of his shows were controversial but it worked as it made people talk about him and his collections. I also like Kenzo as I like a lot of the prints and silhouettes they use.  I think its hard to choose one designer as I like different aspects of their work.